Saturday, February 1, 2014

Is Bad Grammar Trashing Your Credibility?

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 Writing is a skilled trade. 
Not just anyone can pick up a pen and arrange words in a fashion that makes sense and speaks to a number of people at once. It takes skill to write a successful novel, article, or even a blog post!

And developing skill takes practice. Despite what some people may tell you, there is a wrong way to do it. It may come naturally to some, but most of us have to learn the ins and outs of this trade. Proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar seem to be the most troublesome lesson for many.

I've been trolling a lot of blogs and similar content sites lately, looking for something new to add to my reader. I have to admit that I'm a little bit disturbed by the amount of crimes against the English language that I discovered while I was out there!

I don't think people realize just how much those mistakes cost them, especially when they are trying to establish some kind of an expert status in a certain niche. Even if your niche happens to have nothing to do with writing, you still have to write about it well!

Your Writing Mistakes Will Cost You
Say you're doing some research on a subject like how to take care of a reptile. You come across two writers who have a number of articles published on the subject. One of them writes well, using proper spelling and grammar. The other one writes in all lowercase, uses run-on sentences, and consistently uses then and than interchangeably. Who are you going to trust more?

I don't know about you, but trusting anything the latter has to say would make me nervous. Their careless writing technique makes me wonder if they really know what they're talking about, or if they're just some schmuck spouting off a bunch of bull. The former will come across as much more credible to me. Writing well gives off the impression of being well educated, and therefore more likely to have researched the subject before writing about it.

This is why, if you're serious about writing and being successful at it (no matter what your niche may be), it's important to do it well. I know we all have our issues, just like I can never seem to figure out the rules for using commas! But that doesn't mean we have to risk our credibility just because we struggle with spelling or grammar.

Check Yourself!
At the very least, run your text through a spell-checker. With just about every writing platform offering a built in spelling and grammar checker, there is no excuse anymore for excessive errors! Pay attention to the mistakes you make consistently and learn from them.

We all learn and improve as we go, and you won't go anywhere with your writing unless you are consistently learning and getting better. Writing well will play a huge part in setting you apart from those who aren't really taking it seriously, and your credibility will skyrocket.

Has there ever been a time when you've noticed someone's bad grammar or spelling trashing their credibility?

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